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    First batch of LoRa SmartSolenoids boards are now available!
    They are based on LoRa STM32L0xx Modules and can drive 1 or 2 latching solenoid.
    In addition to the valves you can connect a number sensors to read temperature, humidity, soil moisture , water level ,pressure, flow ….
    With Firmware 1.x the SmartSolenoids can be connected to an OpenSprinkler central unit running on Esp32 Lora device like TTGO or Eltech modules.
    This solution has been tested for 6 month on a Tasmanian farm with very sucessfull performances (range up to 2 km, battery duration ≥1 year).
    With new Firmware 2.0(beta) the SmartSolenoid receiver is connected to a SmartHub central unit, that , via WiFi ,connect to Cloud Storage, remote controllers (OpenSprinkler) and control peripherals (web browsers or phone apps). The SmartHub is not only LoRa wifi gateway
    but it is also an intelligent controller that can use sensor reading to decide actions on watering valves or on controller units (OpenSprinkler).
    The Hub can also be wired to any conventional “dumb” controller and become a “simple transmitter” to the remote valves.
    With Firmware 2.0 SmartSolenoid can be used with any existing controller to drive valves without any wire



    Hi pbecchi,

    i run a openspriunkler HW version 2.3
    is it possible to connect yor LoRa SmartSolenoids to that? How its works and what would be the price including shipping to germany?
    is there any documentation available to see how that is “wired”/conencted and how its works?




    Hi Enrico,

    Offcourse Smartsolenoids can be controlled by any Opensprinkler controller, they have been developped to be a addon and an extension to Opensprinkler for wireless control of valves and sensors.
    Hardware consist on a Esp32 Lora board that work as trasmitter and a number of Smartsolenoid LoRa receiver , using Stm32L0xx processor ,to open or close latching valves and to aquire local sensors.

    I can provide you the receiver boards inside a waterproof enclosure
    , the enclosure can be mounted near to the valve or in top of it.

    Regarding Software you have 2 options:
    using Firmware 1.0 fully tested and operational since last year , you will have a central Esp32 Oled Lora board that run an OpenSprinkler 2.7 code that i have modified to run on Esp32 and to control remote Smartsolenoids. This Sw it is fully compatible to standard Opensprinkler and can be set as an extension to other OpenSprinkler controller like the one you already have.
    You have to locate the central unit where you have WiFi coverage and need to be connected to power with an Usb adapter.

    Otherwise using Firmware 2.0 you can use same hardware and get more functions, like sensors reading , intelligent programmable controls, cloud storage , push notifications….
    The software 2.0 it is still under development but a beta release will be available shortly.

    You can use same HW for both firmware.

    Preliminary price tags are :

    50€ Smartsolenoid receiver boards
    65€ Smartsolenoid receiver + enclosure and antenna
    40€ Esp32 Lora Oled transmitter/Opensprinkler controller with enclosure

    Shipping cost within Europe shoud be around 25€, if you wish i can be more precise about it!



    Just to give you an idea :




    I would be interested in some of these. Whats the best way to get in touch?





    You can contact me on [email protected]




    I am interested in the wireless smart solenoids as I have a vineyard which has no automation, and some of the distances make it impractical to run cabling.

    Is the wireless aspect still in beta or is it readily available?




    Hi Martin,
    Thanks for your interest!
    I have just received 2nd batch of Smartsolenoids boards that solve all hw problems found in first batch. Software has been already tested for almost 1 year and, of course, there is updates to add new functions every couple of months.
    If you want, you can reach me on [email protected] and describe exactely what you need and ask any additional question!

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