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    I’m considering buying an opensprinkler device.
    But my irrigation system was already in place when i bought my house.
    And i’m no electrician so i’m not understanding 100% of what has been done.
    I just know how to use it …

    12V DC or 24V AC ?
    I live in France but i’m thinking buying the 24V AC version of the opensprinkler.
    My power adapter clearly indicates “OUTPUT : 24V” and someone added a sticker indicating “24V alternative power supply”.
    No doubt to have ? Any other way to be sure ? On the valve themselves ?
    I attach a picture of the power supply.

    Switching on the pump separately
    I checked the manual and i’m pretty confident i can replace my programer by the opensprinkler and control my 4 valves.
    But, next to my programer i have a manual switch to start the pump and send the water flow to a 5th pipe and use my hose with the well’s water.
    Any way i can remotely switch on this thing (useful when i’m at the opposite side of the garden) ?
    I attach a picture of the programer and the switch.

    Integration with home automation system
    I use domoticz with a RF433 and Zwave controllers at home.
    I’m thinking controling the sprinklers through Domoticz using the HTTP commands and virtual switches.
    Anybody here doing that ? Maybe someone did something more advanced/clever/useful with domoticz.

    Thank you !



    salut, je reponds en Francais, ca ira plus vite.

    Chez Rain Bird, il existe deux types de solenoides (moteur de la vanne) 9v DC et 24V AC.
    Si le programmateur est sur pile (généralement 2 piles 9V) alors les vannes sont en 9V AC
    Si le programmateur est sur secteur 24V AC alors les vannes aussi.

    Je suis très intéressé par opensprinkler et je suis sous Jeedom pour ma domotique.

    D’après ce que j’ai pu lire c’est que la version AC d’opensprinkler nécessitait une alim en 110V/24V AC et non une 230V/24V AC comme l’on a en France.

    Je vais poser des questions moi aussi et si ca me convient je commande.


    hi, i answer in French, ca go faster.

    At Rain Bird, there are two types of solenoids (valve motor) 9v DC and 24V AC.
    If the timer is on battery (usually 2 9V batteries) while the valves are 9V AC
    If the timer is 24V AC when the valves too.

    I am very interested in opensprinkler. I’m under Jeedom for my home automation.

    From what I’ve read is that the AC version of opensprinkler required a power supply 110V / 24V AC and not a 230V / 24V AC as we have in France.



    Hi Steph,

    I continue in english as we’re on an english forum 😉
    Thank you for joining my topic !

    About the power supply, what matter for the opensprinkler device is the output voltage.
    So a 230V / 24V AC will work.



    have you bought opensprinkler? if so, which version?

    I am very interested in this device.
    I have to change my solenoids because they are 9V is “lachting”.
    I always ask myself: what version take DC or AC?
    Knowing that my solenoids will be 24V AC at Rain Bird.

    Thank you



    I didn’t buy it yet.
    I’m waiting for an answer for my second question which is the most important.
    I’d go for the 24VAC version.

    If i don’t have any clear answer i’ll go for plan B : Zwave relay switches like in this tutorial :
    Around the same price as Opensprinkler for my installation and i can control everything through Domoticz.
    Just more troublesome to install (hardware not software).



    1) From the picture it looks like your Rain Bird transformer is indeed 24V AC (I get that because it says Output: 24V ~ 50Hz: you will only indicate Hz if it’s outputting AC)

    2) Since you have an existing 24V AC adapter, you can certainly get OpenSprinkler AC version.

    3) OpenSprinkler AC is only compatible with 24V AC valves. OpenSprinkler DC is compatible with both 24V AC valves, as well as non-latching 12V DC valves. Neither of them is compatible with latching valves (many 9V DC valves I’ve seen are latching, so be careful). To tell non-latching from latching, you can typically measure the resistance of the two wires of the valve — latching valves have very low resistance (<10 ohm) while non-latching valves have larger resistance (20 ohm or more).



    Thanks for your confirmation Ray about the 24V AC.

    What about starting the pump without opening any valve. Do you have any idea about that ?

    Thank you.



    Regarding starting the pump separately, probably the easiest way is to associate a dummy station with it (assuming you have at least 1 unused station, just set it to activate master). This way, when you turn on the dummy station, it turns on the pump.



    Thanks for the hint Ray, i’ll study it.

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