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    As posted here ( Still unable to have an operational OSPi after pulling the latest version.

    Hi Ray, I’m just running up new OSPi (This is the 7th one I’ve done) but I’m having some issues. After deploying the “OSPi SD Card Image 2” I was able to access OpenSprinkler via port 8080. Version 2.1.4 I believe. I then followed the upgrade instruction ( to download the latest version, ran the build and restart the OSPi, but now I’m unable to access the web interface on 8080.

    I’ve checked on the Pi and its not listening on Port 8080, only 80 and 22 after the upgrade process.. The OpenSprinkler service is running.

    I’ve done this twice from scratch, thinking I stuffed up part of the process, but for the life of me, cant work it out..

    Any help would be much appreciated.



    I’m having the exact same issue. Someone in my post pointed out that I need to configure IPV6 as 2.1.7 exclusively uses IPV6 but haven’t been able to configure IPV6 yet as it’s turned off by default. Let me know if you have luck figuring this out.



    Thanks Kimbhoot, I have another 6 units running 2.1.7, installed about 12 months ago. All working fine on IPv4.
    If in fact its IPv6 only, this will cause a huge amount of problems for our external access.

    Ray/Anyone, can this be confirmed 100%? Is there a way to access the old software?



    It’s NOT IPv6 exclusive (I don’t think anyone wants to enforce that intentionally). The latest firmware includes support for dual IPv4 and IPv6. If you started from the OSPi pre-configured SD card image (which by the way was created a few years ago on an older version of Raspbian), it has problem with the latest firmware due to lack of support for dual IPv4 and IPv6. Just install the latest Raspbian and then follow the firmware installation instructions, that should make it work.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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