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    I have two OPSPi units, one for the front yard and one for the back. These obviously have two different local IPs, and using my router, they are assigned to two separate external ports, 8088 and 8090 (but both point to port 8080 internally, to these different local IPs of course). I also access them remotely using my dyndns account, e.g. for the back yard unit and for my front yard unit. Using Dan’s python program, I could access each independently by typing in their remote addresses, but doing so using the new OpenSprinklerGen2 interval program just brings up the backyard unit, regardless of whether I type in the front yard or backyard address. Interestingly, Samer’s Android app sees the front and backyard units separately, but I do not see an option for this on the left side of the screen when I try this using Samer’s app when run from my desktop computer. Is there a way to get the desktop app to recognize both units?



    When using the direct IP to access the controller, the app changes into just a UI for that specific controller and this is why you are not seeing the site change menu. If you want to use the app on the desktop, we have several options. The first is using the browser based application. For Google Chrome, this runs as an extension to Chrome. For FireFox, this actually will install as an icon on your desktop and start menu for the app. They work across all platforms. The links are below:

    Google Chrome:

    We also support a native app on OS X available here:

    Any of the above solutions will allow you to have the same experience as your Android app on the desktop.

    Furthermore, the Unified firmware will be adding a new feature soon allowing remotely controller stations. For example, one of your controller’s can be the “main” controller with the normal stations it has and in addition you can add remote stations and define the IP:Port and station ID of the remote controller.

    Thank you!



    Samer –

    Thanks for the quick response! So, the native HTML page doesn’t support more than one OSPi like the Android app does? I just tried your Chrome app and was having trouble. I noticed that the OSPiBY unit had crashed. I could still SSH in, but using the top command, I could see that the OpenSprinkler program was no longer in the list. BTW, the OSPiFY unit was still running, and I could access that from the Chrome App. I am going to try to figure out why the OSPiBY unit crashed. I’ve noted this behavior a few times now, so something must be wrong even though that RPi still seems to be accessible via SSH (over WiFi).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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