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    I’m running OS hardware DIY ver 2.1 with firmware 2.1.7 and app ver 1.8.2.
    I noticed this issue before upgrading to 2.1.7 (was on 2.1.5).
    The weather shows on the OS main page and if you click the weather icon you get the forecast…
    I’ve noticed that the current day only shows sunrise at 06:00 and sunset at 18:00 and the schedules, which I use sunset for start times, seem to use the incorrect time. Currently our sunset is around 19:20 and getting later daily but the weather page only shows 18:00 for the current day.
    The future days on the weather forecast show the correct sunrise/sunset times but current day is always incorrect…
    image attached
    (the future days currently show incorrect sunrise/sunset times but that’s due to the timezone being incorrect (since upgrading to 2.1.7) and can’t find a way of setting it…

    I saw mention in another post referring to checking the return data from the OS weather script online so captured some traffic on my LAN to see what my OS was calling for and got the following URL,18.83254&key=&fwv=217&wto=”h”:100,”t”:100,”r”:100,”bh”:30,”bt”:69.98,”br”:0
    which returns the following data
    Those returned sunrise and sunset times are correct for my location but clearly not being used…

    Two of the main features I really liked about OS are the weather adjusted water levels and being able to use sunset for times, neither of which seem to be working on my OS anymore…

    Any ideas?



    It’s interesting, if I look at the logs (prior to 2.1.7 upgrade) it shows that the schedule ran at 18:00 on the scheduled days but I I go look at the “Preview Programs” now (after 2.1.7 upgrade) it shows the schedules set for the correct sunset times, will see this evening as it’s due to run today…



    the logs from yesterday show that the program ran at 18:00 as the weather forecast shows as sunset, incorrectly, and not as the preview programs showed…



    So, this issue is directly related to the OS being able to make successful weather calls which include the sunrise/sunset times…



    If I remember correctly, the preview will use correct sunrise / sunset time for today’s schedule, but if you check any other day, it will use the default sunrise / sunset (6:00 and 18:00) as the controller only tracks and reports today’s sunrise / sunset times and not other days.

    You are right that the sunrise / sunset times are obtained through the weather call — if your diagnosis shows that the controller is not getting successful weather call, then it won’t obtain the correct sunrise / sunset times.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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