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    Have seen this question a couple of times and have read Ray’s responses. As a user of both the OpenSprinkler DIY v2.1u and the OpenSprinkler Beagle (OSBo), think I have a different perspective.

    As of now (June 14, 2014) there are 4 choices:
    1. OpenSprinkler v2.1s $149.99
    2. OpenSprinkler v2.1u $96.99
    3. OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi) v1.4v $77.99 plus a Raspberry Pi $39.95 (, total $117.94
    4. OpenSprinkler Beagle (OSBo) v1.0 $72.99 plus a BeagleBone Black $55.00 (, total $127.99
    Did not include the OpenSprinkler Bee, because I think the use case for that is different.

    The original OpenSprinkler is based on an Arduino. The Arduino is a relatively simple micro controller. Both the OSPi and OSBo both run a Linux operating system and are more powerful than an Arduino. By their nature both the OSPi and OSBo are overkill for this sprinkler system. They have services like SSH and a web server. Which can be exploited and used as a base for malware. This makes them both a security risk for your network. This also gives them more options for experimentation. Am sure both could be used for other home automation projects run at the same time as the sprinklers.

    The OSBo has at least 3 different developers working on it (Firmware: Ray, Software: Dan In CA and User Interface: Samer). All of them have done great work. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that any of them will continue the work or that someone else will step up and continue if they decide to stop. It does not use the stock Linux distribution. OSBo is basically the same as the OSPi. Although, the BeagleBone Black has more computing power and storage than the Raspberry Pi. Because of this, finding resources for OSBo questions is more complex and makes for a steeper learning curve. I still have several issues with the security settings/commands on the Wiki, as I have locked myself out of the OSBo and had to re-install everything.

    As a user, I needed to decide if this is a hobby or will it be used on a daily basis?
    – As a device that will be used in my home (and most likely sold with my home), either OpenSprinkler v2.1s or v2.1u are better choices. These have a display, as well as applications for ease of use. User setup and updates are easier and have a much easier learning curve. I may not be the only person using this device. It would be nice if the next owner of my home can use it, too.
    – As I am comfortable with soldering the DIY v2.1u is less expensive, thus a better choice. The only issue I had, was that I should have assembled the display with the board before soldering to insure that the header was perpendicular to both the display and board.
    – As a coding hobbyist, the OSPi or OSBo are better options. I believe these have the most potential to peak our curiosity and inspire new and/or better use cases. This is why I purchased the OSBo first and then realized that basic OpenSprinkler would be better for my home. That being said, I look forward to more experiments with the OSBo.

    Hope my experiences and options have helped. The OpenSprinkler project has been a lot fun and a big improvement to my sprinkler system and home. For additional information on my experiences with OpenSprinkler, search for iDoug in these forums.



    Thanks Doug, that’s a great summary.



    Thanks for writing this summary. I’m a bit confused what development is active for OS 2.1 compared to Pi and Bo. I need to read more.

    While Pi and Bo are potentially less secure, they also offer the opportunity to add another security layer. I have a question about securing the open port used for 2.1 that I will ask in an appropriate thread.

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