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So I had to travel so I pulled the opensprinkler out and re-installed the old.  I have now plugged the OS into my home network and I can see the programs run.  I think the issue was that I needed to set the sprinklers to run sequentially.  When I look at the Home page I don’t see any programs available; I’ve copied in the summary from the programs page for one of the programs I created.

Run: Front Lawn Station 1 Front Lawn Station 2 Front Lawn Station 3 Front Lawn Station 4 Front Lawn Station 5 Dressage Station 6 Mundy Station 7 Jezz Station 8 Side of House Station 9 Side of House Station 10 Winter Paddock Station 11 Bush Paddock Station 12

Starting: 21:00 for 54 mins

I’m having an issue with the power supply that I bought with the opensprinkler, I need to find out if its the supply or the board I’ve plugged in the power supply onto the PI for now to check that it works.

On a separate item I need to run 2 systems from the OS the first is a normal retic system the second is to a float in a tank that has a solenoid and a permanent 24v power to a relay.  Would there be any special set up needed to make this work?