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I doubt it has to do with what’s shown on the LCD — if the web UI shows the correct time that means the controller has the correct time.

I’ve found the bug with LCD showing the wrong day of the week. It has to do with this function OpenSprinkler::weekday_today() in OpenSprinkler.cpp. It should account for the time zone. As I mentioned earlier: prior to firmware 2.1.3 the firmware stores local time (after time zone offset) in RTC; now it stores UTC+0 time. Most of the code has been updated to reflect this change, but I didn’t update the weekday_today function. I am pretty sure this only affects the LCD display.

Regarding skipping 1am program: my suggestion is to see if you can reproduce the issue. Also keep in mind that if the program is set to use weather adjustment, it may have been skipped due to 0% watering percentage.