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I think that was the trick; because it worked the first attempt I did.  I could’ve sworn I tried uploading the firmware with out doing the detect; but apparently I didn’t or I missed something at that time.

So for future reference here are the exact steps I took:

  • I did not have the Firmware Updater started on the tablet
  • Connect the USB cable to my tablet.
  • Plugin the USB cable to the OS while holding down B2.
  • Release B2 after 1 second
  • Wait for the tablet to beep; indicating that the OS was recognized by the system
  • Launch the Firmware update software
  • DO NOT DO AUTO DETECT…the LCD screen on the OS should stay blank.  If it doesn’t restart the process.
  • Select the Device from the drop down….in my case it is OpenSprinkler_v2.1
  • Select the Firmware to upload
  • Click Upload Firmware

Thanks for the quick response!