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I remember having multiple problems with TP-link router; it was its DHCP server function that wouldn’t turn off no matter what. Here’s what I finally did:

  1. Log to your TP-link router and update it to the latest firmware.
  2. Connect your laptop to it directly – turn your laptop’s WiFi off and connect via cable. Release/renew ipconfig
  3. Check TP-Link IP address and point browser to it; go to administration/configuration screen.
  4. Before switching it to the “WiFi client mode”, disable DHCP. This is important, because DHCP options are disabled in the client more but DHCP stays on.
  5. Switch TP-Link to the client mode and configure it.
  6. Plug OS back to TP-link.
  7. If you are using static IP address on OS, it should work now, however, mine is configured to use dynamic IP, so the following steps required:
  8. On your Asus router, go to Lan->DHCP server – IP reservation
  9. Add your OS mac address (most likely it’s 00:69:69:2D:30:00) and assign whatever IP you like
  10. Make sure port forwarding works


Most important thing was disabling TP-Link’s DHCP in the client mode. In my case. TP-Link is so unreliable and messy, I’m considering replacing it with power-line network adapter – after all, the power outlet is right there.