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Since I can’t look at the LCD constantly, I don’t know how frequently the OS goes in/out of ‘Connecting…’ when it gets into this ‘state’. From a ping test perspective, I’m doing manual pings at random. Up until the afternoon of 5/30, I had no errors for about a week. Once I started seeing them, they persisted through 5/31 evening and each time I looked at the OS LCD it showed ‘Connecting…’. Now, 6/1 AM, pings seem to working regularly and the LCD display is its normal. I did nothing to the OS between last evening and this morning and there was no power outage.

I have very limited experience running Wireshark. If you give me some idea for what I should be looking for and a little help in setting up the Wireshark environment to capture that info, I’ll run it.

I understand that OS is not going to be a robust as a Linux box, but it does need to have reliable local network connectivity, not error free, but reliable. External connectivity is a different issue since it’s affected by other factors.
Looking at my failure environment this weekend: I don’t run irrigation programs on Sat or Sun afternoon, so the OS should have been fairly idle except for whatever it does during idle time.
• Ping the router. This should work a very high percentage of the time. It’s a hardwired connection from the OS to the router through a single switch. I could enable ICMP logging in my router but I’m not sure if this would provide useful info for this case.
• Requests to the cloud server. What server and why does it need to talk to it? I do not use automatic weather adjustment. Can I stop it from trying to talk externally? Tangentially… This brings up the question of JS for the browser. I’d be fine making this this local BUT, how often does the JS change? Opening the box to update it is OK once, but not on a regular basis. Could it be put on the SD card as part of an update so it was available locally?
• NTP. How often do you communicate with the NTP server?
• Other network activity?

Let me know how I can help.