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Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that the ping info I’m seeing is wrong. I’m just trying to understand what the expected network behavior is so i can tell when I see something that is wrong and to help validate any changes that are made. I have experienced loss of local network connectivity to the OS when using a reserved DHCP address and a static address.In each case it took somewhere from 1 to 4 days to get into that state.

The DHCP behavior while triggered by some issue also showed that the OS could be a poorly behaving DHCP client. This seems like a concern because it could potently be triggered by something different than whatever was addressed in 2.1.4(new). I have also had the OS fail to respond locally when set with a static IP so I’m watching things as I learn the OS network behavior to see if I can help identify what caused that.

Since I don’t know what the controller uses the pings for, I don’t know what it means to the controller when they stop or change frequency. They should not be needed for regular operation and the lack of or changing frequency does not seem to impact my irrigation schedule. I’ve latched on to them because they may be an indicator of when something is going wrong that leads to the loss of or spotty local network access. I’m surprised that the OS pings so frequently if its just checking to see if it has a connection to something.

The ping pattern does not directly correlate to station run times. I can provide the run log if that’s useful.

Once I lean more about the controller behavior with a static address, I’ll update my FW to see if the issues I’ve seen are addressed by it.