The PCB i was able to get was for v1.42+, I done my best to figure out the part OS the EagleCAD file i can not find. From what i can tell the only difference was the 204v 3a relay was remove for the RF connection

There is a capacitor at c7 is the a 0.1u or a 0.01u. from the pictures i can find only i can not see the C7. There looks to be different PCB for the 1.42+ opensprinkler as the comments about the VIN are different form the PCB I got.

any ways i used a 0.1u cap for C7, and I think I get the diode for D1 put in back works because when i connect power i got nothing. The fuse at f1 blow. I may have fried the buck converter also with the multi-meter props (slip when testing the voltage to see where power was not going and shorted the V in with the 5V out pin. Made some nice sparks.

I can see how the DIY kit was discontinued the SMD part are a pain to solder in place with out the right tools and very hard to get the polity right. Order some more fuses and the buck converter and will try again (hope I did not fired anything else.)