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Okay, I got EagleCAD running – thanks for the advice (didn’t know it was freeware).

One question that would greatly help–

The BOM for v1.3 is not at and the EagleCAD silk screen also doesn’t say anything on the blown part (see attached – the charred area between LM2596S-5.0 and 5.6V zener (D3). Is this a fuse and what value and part #? No info on the sch. file either.

I blew this part *probably* because I added a nearly 5000uF cap on the +5V?? Maybe it’s the surge current to charge the cap that blew it although I am surprised since it shouldn’t be that much. I will try moving this cap before the LM2596 to see if that might help. (It seems like the 2A fuse also blew — totally inexplicable!)

Had to do this since there is a 120VAC pump motor that puts a dip on the line voltage that travels all the way to +5V and freezes the RPi and other electronics.

Any technical advice would be deeply appreciated.
Thank you