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I am surprised too. I will investigate further why the fuse blew by doing some calculations for the cap, current, etc.

The reason I need the 5000uF cap is as said before: I have a 120VAC pump motor that is turned on by the RPi+OSPi. When the pump turns on, it sucks a large AC current which momentarily drops the 120VAC big time. This drops the 24VAC which in turn drops the +5VDC momentarily — this dip is enough to cause the software to go haywire. I don’t have my storage scope here so won’t be able to investigate exactly how big the dip is but will in any case try using a smaller cap to see if that does the job.

Do you know where I can get a replacement for the 1.5A PTC fuse or is it generic enough to get at Radio Shack, Amazon, etc.?

Thanks for your time.