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The Web UI from my Mac failed the same way at first.

In Safari on OS X 10.10.5 the location in the System section said Colorado, USA instead of Loveland, Colorado or the station name.
Clicked the location field and was presented with a map that had only one pin (in red) this was the location of my house. No other pins displayed. moving or resizing had no effect.
At this point I clicked the Submit button in the detail bubble that was attached to the one red pin then, without clicking the Submit button on the main options screen, clicked the location field once again.
YAY! The map now displayed the blue weather station icons. I repeated this three times (each without clicking Submit in the main options screen and got the same result each time.
Then, I went back and did it a fourth time but this time selected the closest station to my home and clicked its Submit button, then clicked the submit button on the Options screen, saving the settings.

The location still says Colorado, USA, not the station ID as It used to. But now, when I click the location field (still from my Mac) it shows all the weather station pins with the nearest one selected.

How do I verify that the correct station is configured? Will it ever display the weather station ID in the location field again?

Was testing and typing when your reply above came in and didn’t see it. Do you still want me to test the demo site?