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Hi Ray,

Thanks for taking the time to respond, and for confirming my suspicion!

As to my question, I have a HomeSeer Home Automation system, and someone has developed a plugin to interface with OpenSprinkler – see for those details.

Anyway, this was initially how I learned of your product. Intrigued at the potential of tying my irrigation to this, I wanted to see how this was going to work at a relatively low cost.

As I think things have turned out, the plugin appears to use the v. 2.x API to talk to the unit – I can’t say that authoritatively, but rather based on my anecdotal experience with installing a variety of versions of the plugin without successful integration to the v. 1.83 unit that I have.

I’ve handed down some of my older HA stuff to my dad to tinker with, and I think he could get use of this older unit since that platform (Vera Systems) does appear to have a v. 1.x API-compatible plugin.

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. This community is extremely well served by you, which makes your product line very attractive to novices like me to experiment with the support.