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Loads of little issues, but nearly resolved …

I forgot to mention that I am using Raspian “Jessie” but following the oh-so-clear instructions here (updated 8th February 2016) , I found my problems and fixed them…

Samer, I remote-desktopped into my Pi and it could not see the internet through the inbuilt browser, so your post got me started. Next I had to work out what to do, and apparently, networking changed in Raspian “Jessie”. I had to check/update three files:


At home, my router has two WiFi networks – a “normal” one and a “5G” one so in the “wpa_supplicant.conf” file, I added their network details – SSID & Network keys.

In the “dhcpcd.conf” file, I created two new entries – a static IP address for the “eth0” and another for the “wlan0” interfaces.

After a “sudo reboot” I remote desktopped again and the Pi browser could see the ‘net so I felt I was getting closer.

Now the “git clone …” command worked, but I still had to remember to change into the new directory with “cd OpensprinklerGen2″ before the “./ ospi” command would work.

So many little things!

The build was successful – now I am running:
App Version: 1.4.10
Firmware: 2.1.6(2)
Hardware Version: OSPi-AC

ps: I am happy to post the settings here if anyone else would like to see what I did