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Well good news that part is good as I suspected it should be if everything was coming on while plugged in to a power supply.
Next would be to track down why it won’t let you update properly, and what down the line electrically is possibly not working.
You could try testing to see if a voltage can be read at the pins for each valve. Plug the unit in and start a test program, then check between com on the pin for the station currently running. Should be about 24VAC, or 12VDC depending on version. I think you may get 0 running that test which means I would have to defer to Ray.

I believe the inability to update the firmware and not firing the valves is directly related, but I’m uncertain as to why.

***If you do not have the case on when plugged in to power, please be sure to isolate the bottom side of the board. If you short the connections there is no telling what could be damaged.***