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I bought my OS hardware (it’s still the latest revision sold) quite a while ago and just got around to installing it yesterday. I’ve got it up and running, but I’d love to be able to use my Pebble Time to control it, and I’m running into a problem. Has anyone used David’s OpenSprinkler Pebble app with the current version of Pebble’s iOS app? I can download and install the OpenSprinkler app to my watch, but when I try to go into settings from the Pebble iOS app it tells me to check my internet connection and try again. I’ve got an internet connection, and the watch is connected to the phone correctly. I’m wondering if there’s something in the app that needs to be updated to support the more recent versions of software from Pebble? I’m current on my watch firmware and iOS app from Pebble. TIA for any help resolving this.

Also, on a side note, I’m considering buying an Apple Watch now that they have a waterproof version (I use a watch to track my swimming, so waterproof is essential for me anyway). Does anyone know of an Apple Watch app that controls the OpenSprinkler hardware? I suspect the Pebble watches might be a better fit for in-the-yard system debugging due to the Apple Watch not having a lot of buttons and the touch screen probably not working well with wet or muddy hands, but I can still see where control from an Apple Watch would be useful when you’re not actually out in the yard messing with the system but still want to check on status or run a zone.