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    I don’t know if this is impacting what you are displaying, but FWIW….

    With Use Rain Sensor off, if the Rain Sensor Type is set to 1, normally open (the opposite of the default), The API will report Rain Sensor State on. I reported this a few months back running 2.1.4.



    As DaveC mentioned you need to check if use rain sensor is being used before reading the rain sensor status. Furthermore, starting with 2.1.6, you should specifically check if the value is 1 for rain sensor (instead of checking for truthy value using JS).

    I mention this because 2.1.6 will be supporting a flow sensor using the same rain sensor port and allow the user to define how the port is being used. We plan on defining which type of sensor using the urs variable. We will provide a lot more details regarding the API specifically once we get ready to release but just wanted to give you a heads up.




    Hi, there. Thanks for your ideas and input. here are some features i add to the app.

    The text on the startpage is bigger. Better to read. And it show the status/infos and running stations.

    There is a new menu “Run Program”. You can start a Test Program or your Programs.

    In the main menu, you can find a new button for “reset Rain delay” and “Stop all”

    In the Manual Mode Menu, it shows the running and waiting stations with the remaining time.

    Check it out. give me a feedback. Thanks 🙂



    Thanks, David… this is really cool. I’m not sure about the update process… I ended up unloading and reloading the app completely before I realized I had the new version.

    I like it! some comments:

    The rain sensor still says it’s raining. I’m in a drought in San Diego, so this is a bit of a cruel joke 🙂 I don’t have the sensor even hooked up, and plan to use it for flow sensing from a meter Real Soon Now with the next release. Can’t wait to be the first to in my neighborhood to see my water meter flow on my watch.

    “Manual” mode on the controller turns off the auto mode, so it is confusing to use manual mode on the watch, but (I presume) keep the controller in auto. Perhaps calling the watch control “Custom” or “Override” might clarify things.

    The order of status lines that appeal to me are:

    rain delay (but only if there really is one)
    water level
    last run (more as a check to make sure things are working)
    last update
    next run (new)
    logs (new) – I’d like to see the most recent log, as well as a history of a given zone… (e.g. “how much/how often have I been watering this zone?” and “how many gallons of water have put here in the last week?” when we get the flow sensor.

    and geolocate everything so I can just walk around and do all this without worrying about zone numbers, etc 🙂



    Hey David,

    Just to let you know here is the apps status function for the bottom bar:

    For rain sensor, the check I use is as follows:

    Hope this helps with that issue



    thanks Tom and Samer,

    @tom: you have some nice ideas. I think about to rename the “manual Mode” any ideas? “Run Station”?

    the watch check a lot things for you. Check this:
    and this:

    And Logs for the watch… wow. its just a watch. But its a smart watch… Okay lets see what i can do 😀

    @samer: thanks for the link! this help me a lot. By the way, what do you think about comments and code documentation? 😉



    @david, I really need to improve my code base. When I started the development the code was in PHP and then I quickly rewrote it and was way too hasty. As a result, the file structure is non existent in regard to the JS code and the comments are poor.

    At some point I really want to improve this. I setup Mocha for unit testing but I also haven’t gotten around to adding a good amount of tests (which can act as documentation to some degree).

    Since I do have a full time job as a doctor my after work time with OpenSprinkler is limited and lately more features is winning against improving what’s already there. One day haha….thanks for the suggestion!



    @david: Great work… I get such a kick out of having this on my wrist. Maybe “Run” or “Start” is enough for the menu item. “Run Station” or “Start Station” would also work if there is space.

    The font is still hard for me to see in dim light (I can read it OK in bright light). I could put on reading glasses, but it would be nice to have all the text in the bold font that now shows the controller name, or an option in the settings menu.

    It would be nice to have what is now the “Manual” menu item (soon to be “start” or whatever) appear at the top of the menu before the Rain Delay option.

    I don’t understand your reference to is this the code that you are running on the watch? if not, are you sharing your Pebble code? I’d enjoy learning from it, and seeing if I might be able to push some info from a Python script.

    @samer thank you so much for all your efforts, too. I do hope we can get some documentation/support going in case you get hit by a truck 🙂 Maybe if you point me in the right direction, I might even do a bit myself, if nothing else, to learn JS 🙂

    @david and @samer: I’m hosting a BBQ this Saturday with user interface/smart things guru Donald Norman and will be showing him my Opensprinkler setup. He is best known for The Design of Everyday Things I suspect he’ll have lots of first-class ideas. I’ll show him whatever software is available Sat afternoon my time (GMT-7).



    @tom i update the app for you. Good inputs with the Menu names and sort.

    V 1.2 add features
    * – add: Run Programs Menu to run Test and Run-Once Progs
    * – add: show the Sprinkler Programs in the queue and running Time (Station Menu)
    * – add: Menu for “reset Rain delay” and “Stop All”
    * – fix: bigger text on mainpage
    * – fix: rename “manual Mode” to “Run Station” and place it at top in the main menu
    * – add: funnny sayings on the “loading…” screen 😀
    * – add: show Stations in the queue on the Mainepage

    To update the app. Unload an reload it… the autoupdater takes a week for one update…

    If Donald have some ideas. please tell us. 🙂 At the beginning of the sentence withe the BBQ, i thougt you invite us to a BBQ 😉 hehe… its a little bit far from Berlin to GTM-7. 😀

    You can find my code for the pebble app on Github:

    Remenber: If you shake your watch (in the Main Page of the App) its update/reload the Infos from the OpenSprinkler 😉

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    Very cool. Thank you!



    @david: Berlin! Ich habe ein Jahr in Goettingen studiert 🙂 Sorry about the BBQ, maybe some other time. Stone Brewery, a wonderful micro brewery near me in San Diego, is opening a MicroBrewery in Berlin soon. You should try it to taste what real beer should taste like 🙂

    This is really coming along well! I like it very much. I like the fonts. Maybe the rain delay should be in days, not hrs. Delays last for the next program start time. In California, the rule is 2 days delay when rain is detected. I don’t know why I’d ever just delay some hours.

    I’m missing feedback when I enter parameters. I don’t know if they have taken effect (there is no “enter” button). I’m not sure if when I select the Run Station time if it took or not. So haptic feedback would be nice, or some positive feedback (“signifier” in Don Norman’s framework)

    I think that one of the limiting factors for adoption of a new sprinkler system is the user interface. Folks are used to all forms of clunky dials and pins, and most irrigation folks I show OS to cringe when they see it… how can you run a sprinkler system with that? While we geeks are happy with a certain style of interaction, the rest of the world has an entirely different “conceptual model” of irrigation (mostly, just set it and forget it)

    You can take an online course from Donald Norman for free at–design101

    One other addition might be to adjust a program’s timing per zone. Have a button to increase or decrease the amount of time by a percentage (not absolute seconds). If we did this, I would also like to keep a history of how the program was adjusted. (On Weds, someone increased the watering on the trees by 20%).

    keep it up…




    Hey Tom,

    there should be a feedback if you set one parameter. The Pebble has just four buttons. Back, enter, up and down. So, i think, the button usage is clear and i dont need to waste space for logos what the button mean. If you press enter in one menu, you go to the next menu. If you press enter to send the command, the watch should show you a “Set data” Page and vibrate shortly. If you have a realy quick internetconnection, you dont see the “Set data” page. 😉 But there is a vibe and it goes back to the menu. After setting a parameter, go back to the Mainpage and see the status. You should see your interaction. (Station is Running, Rain delay is set.) and so on…

    If you want to set up the runningtime quicker – press up or down longer. The time jump 30min oder 30hours up or down. #

    I set the rain delay in hours. I think, you use your watch just for small interactions. To stop the Sprinkler for a BBQ – you set 4hours rain delay. And with a long click up, you add 30 hours.

    This is a good idea with the “global correction factor”. I know this from my old Gardena Sprinkler control. You can set up a global factor from 0% to 200% and the water time will customize itself. Now we have the Zimmerman method. This would be fine for a manul costomize. If you need this: please post this as a Featrue request for the Firmware. I cant do this. The Pebble just use the API from the OpenSprinkler.




    the Pebble-App statics says there are 40 installs of the OpenSprinkler Pebble App.



    Hi guys,

    i updated the OpenSprinkler Pebble app. The big feature is the “overview” page.

    – add: update running Time (main page, station menu) counting down the time every 10 sec
    – add: Main menu info of running and waiting stations, Rain delay, active Programs
    – fix: dobble update at app startup
    – add: more program info (station, duration) in program menu
    – add: show logs, show waterlevel of the last 7 days, calc the avaerage

    What do you think of it?

    The app will update autmatically in the next week. Or uninstall and reinstall the app.

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    now we have more than 70 people how use OpenSprinkler on there Pebble Smartwatch. Thats great. 🙂

    I think about the next feature:
    Manual waterlevel set.
    You can switch between the weather waterlevel calculation and a manual input for the waterlevel.

    What do you think of the idea?
    Do you need/want this feature?

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