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Hi David,

Great stuff. I feel like home with the OpenSprinkler. Ordered from the German Schlaugarten shop. As the order was mixed with another one the owner visited me today to exchange it! We talked a little and had a similar history with Gardena rubbish and now Hunter sprinklers. Now I stumbled over your Pebble app and as a Pebble user from day one on the Kickstarter funding, I installed it of course.

Unfortunately the only thing I get when I try to open settings from the iPhone’s app is an error claiming there would be no internet connection which is not true.
There’s also a yellow point on the left hand of the settings icon.

I’m using a Pebble Time Steel with firmware and iOS app v4.2. My OpenSprinkler DC is hardware 2.3 and firmware 2.1.6(1).

Hope to get this working.