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I’ve communicated with David via email, and the problem is that the webpage he was hosting to handle the settings is no longer working (something about dropbox shutting down an account). Anyway, the code is on github at, and you can pull this into CloudPebble (which you will have access to when you set up a customer account on the Pebble website). If you edit the app.js file in CloudPebble you can enter your “link” (IP address of your OS), “pass” (MD5 hash of your password… Google for an online MD5 hash generator and key in your password… copy and paste the resulting hash into the “pass” variable in app.js), and “name” of your OS device (I think it defaults to “home”). In app.js in CloudPebble look for a block of code that starts with


This is where you need to enter these 3 things. Now click the disk icon in the upper right to save your changes, then compile the app (from COMPILATION menu on left of CloudPebble screen), then click RUN BUILD, then select PHONE as your destination and click INSTALL AND RUN. Make sure the iOS Pebble app on your phone is set to “Developer (on)” from the … menu in the upper right corner.

If all went well, CloudPebble should connect to your phone and install the OpenSprinkler app on it. From there, you’re ready to use it. It looks pretty cool.