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@Tim, regarding how to set the controller as extender, I think you are right that currently the only way is to enable it when you set a station to be ‘remote’ on the master controller. Actually, I am pretty sure you can do so manually by using buttons (see the procedure below). But you are right that other than these, the UI doesn’t present the option to set a controller to ‘remote extension’ mode. I think the reason it didn’t import this option is because changing this option requires using a different command (not the change option command). Anyways, it’s a bug that we can easily fix.

Most options that are modifiable can be changed manually on the controller using buttons. To do so, power off the controller, then press and hold button B3 while powering the controller back on. Continue holding the button until the LCD displays ‘Setup Options’. Then click B3 to cycle through all options. When you are at a particular option, using B1 or B2 to change its value, and finally when you are done, press and hold B3 until the controller restarts. This is the procedure to change option values using buttons.