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Hi Gregory,

how do You have configure the Wireless-Router? You must disable its DHCP-Server, if You have another Router (Your main Router) with DHCP active.
The best and easyist way is disable DHCP on Your OS an give him a static IP adress:

e.g. main router is an OS should be and HTTP-Port 80:

OS settings
Enable DHCP: No
Static.ip1: 192
Static.ip2: 168
Static.ip3: 0
Static.ip4: 100
Gateway.ip1: 192
Gateway.ip2: 168
Gateway.ip3: 0
Gateway.ip4: 1
Http-port: 80

DNS server.ip1: 192
DNS server.ip2: 168
DNS server.ip3: 0
DNS server.ip4: 1