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Not sure why, but I see a different UI now.

I’d checked to make sure that http://os_addr/su was set to But, maybe the browser was using a cached version from the old, local copy of the ui scripts?

The only things I think I did between when I saw the old ui and the new one which supports GPIO was

1) Attempted to change the number of stations from 8 to 16. The application just hung when I did that. I had to reboot the pi to restart the app (I probably could have just restarted the ap

2) Logged to from the UI

I’d like to understand what’s going on. Is it necessary to do the login to use the scripts at Regardless, it seems strange that my browser would use the old (cached), local version of the if it couldn’t access How would that even work?


Or, maybe someone updated the js on after reading this post?

Anyway, it’s working now, I’m just not confident it will stay that way.