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It’s happened again. That’s about 10 days again, for about 115 log entries.

I have been able to retrieve the log entires via the API, but the web interface loops indefinitely (displays the OpenSprinkler circling grey disc) and displays “No entries found…” if I try to switch between Timeline and Table.

I have now also just noticed this problem with a second OpenSprinkler that I’ve been using to fiddle around with generally. It’s not connected to anything, just idling away. I’ve been able to view its logs (which are just a couple of events I triggered manually) up until this morning. Its earliest entry is Jan 2 (again, I can retrieve them throught he API), and there are only five of them in all.

On the off chance that someone suggests that this is a ‘host software’ problem, I’m using a Mac (OS X 10.11.6), and I’ve tried Safari (11.0), Firefox (57.0) and Chrome (63.0.3239.132), and they all do the same thing, so…?