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Pete, So, I configured my OSPi for 6 programs and 22 stations to match your log file. I stored the records in the OSPi log directory and used the App interface to display the log from 22/01/18-11/02/18. The timeline view and the table view both showed 193 records which corresponds to the number in the log file (note the rain delay event correctly shows up in the timeline/table but is not included in the count as per the code). There were no errors flagged in the debug log from the Firmware nor any issues highlighted within developer tools from the App. I have attached a screen shot of the log view. I am unfortunately unable to replicate the situation you describe. This may be down to the different hardware but the code (apart from reading the SPIFFs vs SD card) is pretty much the same.

One question, did you pull the records via the View Logs Export button in the App or did you capture the records by typing “http/os_ip:8080/jl?hist=300” into a web browser? The file you attached suggests the former but I was wanting the latter. The feed provided by the http command is a “raw” feed from the log files whereas the View Log Export is a more processed list.

As one suggestion, given you have Chrome browser, have you tried having the Developer Tools open (…/More Tools/Developer Tools) when displaying the log. You may get lucky and see an error message that helps point to the problem.