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The ui and weather both need to use the URL. You will no longer be able to use the app or current ui, in order to adjust settings you need to forward the Opensprinkler port on your router, and use your external IP for the site address. You can use a DDNS site as well.

Then you can access your controller by visiting The reason I did it this way is the script for weather data does some of the heavy lifting for calculating ET server-side and couldn’t be done on the controller. The app had to be modified and updates would have broken things so it was frozen for development, and I didn’t want to host an app that was so similar to the base app to prevent confusion. An internet connection is required for weather data, so it should be of little consequence to need one for the ui elements.

If you’d like to see the weather script and ui it is available on github with the firmware. It could be locally hosted on just about any platform that will run a basic python 2.7 script, if you would like to avoid using a secondary server. It does use weatherunderground by default so be sure the service is available in your area.