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@Wokkeltje: Please be aware that the newAPI to retrieve weather information from Weather Underground is different to the old API. This means the code used in “OpenSprinkler-Weather” and probably in “OpenSprinkler-App” needs to be adapted or rewritten to use the newAPI. The newAPI is no solution for non-PWS owners. It is at no costs only available for PWS Owners who send their data to Weather Underground.

I understand the reasons outlined by Samer for not using Weather Underground anymore. However, I’m also not happy with the current situation and OWM is definitely not easily useable for me. I don’t know how many OpenSprinkler PWS Owners are out there and I’m not familiar with Javascript for Node.JS programming. The newAPI is well described by Weather Underground and it’s weather service is reliable as it was before the changes. It’s maybe not such a big deal to make the relevant changes in “OpenSprinkler-Weather. This would be the best solution for OpenSprinkler PWS Owners as it fulfills all the needs requested by the Zimmerman method.

All I can say for now is that my low-cost ESP32 workaround works perfect for me and provides the same results as the old OpenSprinkler Weather Underground Interface. Nevertheless, it isn’t a general solution and it needs some programming effort to get it working.