I am not sure what you mean it cannot be compiled any more. It’s a matter of setting up the Arduino environment correctly. The firmware I attached in this thread is compiled on my computer. If you find any specific error that Arduino reports, you can attach it here. Otherwise, ‘it cannot be compiled’ doesn’t really give much information about where I can start to help you.

Given that we have OS 3.0 Latch, OSBee will gradually be phased out. It’s a nice, low-cost little board for latching valves, but it was designed initially as a prototype for OS 3.0 and a testing platform for latching valves. Now that OS 3.0 Latch is available, I’d rather focus time and efforts there. So there is no future plan to upgrade OS Bee firmware. However, as I said if you have any specific issue with compiling the firmware, I’d be happy to help.