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    Hi Ray,

    Where can I get a compiled version of the OSBee Firmware?

    I have accidentally flashed the OS3 firmware on there and now doing some reading I realize this is not going to work…

    I have tried compiling the firmware from the github library but it looks like the dependencies have changed and the OSBee library has not been updated to match.




    I’ve attached it here. Please note that there hasn’t been any firmware update for OSBee, so the original firmware that came with OSBee is the latest firmware and there is no need to update firmware at the moment.



    Hi, I also was on a path to (at least try to) add a few features on the OSBee, and reading this I understand that it can’t be compiled anymore. Is this the case for both the “make” and the Arduino way of working ?
    One of the welcome addition would be to be able to set the time. For some reason, mine is 30min late and one day off.

    There is also nothing on the OSBee in the FAQ. Pretty unfortunate, it’s a pretty nice board.



    I am not sure what you mean it cannot be compiled any more. It’s a matter of setting up the Arduino environment correctly. The firmware I attached in this thread is compiled on my computer. If you find any specific error that Arduino reports, you can attach it here. Otherwise, ‘it cannot be compiled’ doesn’t really give much information about where I can start to help you.

    Given that we have OS 3.0 Latch, OSBee will gradually be phased out. It’s a nice, low-cost little board for latching valves, but it was designed initially as a prototype for OS 3.0 and a testing platform for latching valves. Now that OS 3.0 Latch is available, I’d rather focus time and efforts there. So there is no future plan to upgrade OS Bee firmware. However, as I said if you have any specific issue with compiling the firmware, I’d be happy to help.



    Yeah, I can confirm that with some effort, it’s possible to compile the code even with updated libraries. It’s correct stating that it’s just a matter of setting up the Arduino environment.
    I managed to add a recent version of the Oled library, and all it took was this modification: https://github.com/ebaschiera/OSBeeWiFi-Firmware/commit/4f61fb03acdd02437ada2f385970a8ccda97a088

    Updating the Blynk library looked a bit more complicated, so I stopped and kept the same “major” version: 0.4.10

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