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Hello Ray im seeing the same issues with the Station name showing reset and unable to change the text.
The following was done.
1. Original firmware was 2.1.7 (Hardware V3.0 DC – Clear front)
2. upgrade to version 2.1.9(r2) was done (this was mainly done as the controller was unable to connect to the wifi network and a hardware reset would not help, so i decided to do a firmware flash and used the newest firmware file, this allowed me to reconnect the unit to the wifi network and use normally)
3. when restore of backup from original 2.1.7 and now all stations wont allow the station name text to change and all display reset.

is this a known bug or something new?
i have tried as per above to re-flash the unit with the same firmware and also a couple of versions of 2.1.9, (r1) and (r2) and still no luck.

some help here would be great.