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No error messages were produced at the command line, none in log files I could think to check at the time.
Used this process:

After the install, no OpenSprinkler-related processes ran (that were obvious to me) or exposed via http. This included after a reboot. Dmesg showed no failures at startup, which would suggest the install failed silently.

Any suggestions on debugging? I’m reasonably literate on Linux = I was a part-time Unix System V admin in the 80’s when IT was a side job for engineers, developed Linux apps and managed Linux installations for some startups cerca 2000, and have used Linux as my primary OS since ’95.

The git-pull included a viable SIP install, so I manually installed that from within the release and have control, but it no longer is functional with the OpenSprinkler web app. Is the OpenSprinkler API,and how it interfaces to SIP documented somewhere?