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Hi All,
I’m a bit late to the party, and trying to put together the pieces.
I have an OSPi FirmWare 2.1.9(3), connected to a RPi 3B+ running on wifi.
I had some hiccups trying to update the software with git update /upgrade that I haven’t seen before, but those resolved with powering the RPi separately for that process. (never had any undervoltage icon, though)

I now have it running fine off the 24AC / OSPi board power, but no CPU load/solenoid load.

Looking at the above comment from @Ray, it seems that if I source an AC adapter rated for (much) higher current, it may be sufficient to power the RPi3B+ as well as the board – is this correct?
If not, then of the posts I’ve seen, it seems it may be required to un-solder a zero ohm resistor somewhere on the ospi board to decouple the pi from the springklerpi board – is this the case? Is there a more ‘official’ page from Ray/team directing how to best do this? If this were to be required, I’d be powering the pi from a simple USB ac-5vDC adapter.


I’ve played with pi’s for the past 8 years, most recently largely limited to openhab (openhabian/raspbian). Otherwise, I like to tinker with microcontrollers and custom circuit boards, when I’m not climbing something or playing in the dirt.