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I just tried it and it’s still working for me (tried all of email notification, SMS, push notification, all working). Here is what I did:

– I had to use the IFTTT mobile app because when I log to IFTTT website, I can’t find the ‘make your own applet’ link. I noticed that the website seems to lead users to go to IFTTT Platform. Don’t use that — the firmware has never been tested with IFTTT Platform, and I have no idea how well it works.
– Log into the mobile app, and at the bottom of the homepage, select ‘Get more’ -> ‘Make your own from scratch’.
– Select webhooks as ‘this’, email (or SMS or push notification) as ‘that’. Make sure event name must be ‘sprinkler’ (without the quotes). If you don’t fill the event name or you use the wrong event name, you won’t receive notification.
– Go to your webhooks documentation link to find the IFTTT token. Then put it in OpenSprinkler settings->Integration->IFTTT token, and selected a few events, like ‘station run’.
– Manually run a zone and at the end of it you should receive the ‘station run’ notification.

Update: just noticed that the website also works, just click ‘Explore’ at the upper-right corner, then ‘Make your own from scratch’ the Create button.