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Alan Tschirner

Good morning Ray,

I have been very happy with version 2.1.3 since installing opensprinkler a number of years ago. I haven’t had a reason to upgrade until a recent inability to connect issue so I didn’t.

Yesterday after studying all of your available material I took a deep breath and updated to using a Windows 10 laptop. The upgrade process was painless and worked first try except when I attempted to login there was no webpage. I was able to ping the controller and my router saw it. The LCD display showed the DHCP IP address. I tried a factory reset but still no webpage.

I dropped back and uploaded 2.1.7 and the webpage was accessible. After importing my configuration file normal operation and schedules are restored. I will continue to monitor for connection issues but I am wondering where I went wrong with the attempt to upgrade to Do you have any insight of possible issues? Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you, Alan