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    What’s New

    Firmware 2.1.9(4) is now available. The primary change in this firmware is the initial support for MQTT (thanks to the generous contributions by jbaudoux, PeteBa, and vsoltan). To use MQTT, this firmware requires app/UI version 2.2.0. In particular, MQTT configurations are now available in Edit Options -> Integration, where you can set MQTT broker/host, port, and (optionally) user name and password if your broker requires authentication. Details about how to subscribe to MQTT can be found in OpenSprinkler’s support website:

    Limitations: The firmware currently only support publishing to MQTT broker — it does not yet support subscribing. Also, the root topic is currently always opensprinkler. Work is already underway to allow users to customize the root topic (to provide better support for users with multiple OpenSprinkler devices), and also to support subscribing. These will be made available in the upcoming firmware releases.

    A minor change in this firmware is support for the second sensor (SN2) for OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi) 1.5.

    Eligible Hardware

    As before, this firmware is only avialable for OS 2.3, 3.x, and OSPi. It is NOT available for legacy OS (1.x, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2).

    Before you upgrade

    Because the main change in this firmware is support for MQTT, if you don’t need to use MQTT, there is no need to upgrade.

    Assuming you are upgrading from a previous minor revision of firmware 2.1.9 (such as minor revision (1) (2) (3)), this firmware will NOT trigger a factory reset.

    If you are upgrading from a previous major revision like firmware 2.1.8 or prior, we suggest that you save a copy of configurations before upgrading, because upgrading across major revisions will trigger a factory reset. Having a copy of configurations will help quickly recover settings and programs after the upgrade.

    If you use OpenSprinkler mobile app, make sure it’s at least version 2.2.0 as prior versions do not support MQTT configurations.

    How to upgrade

    Please follow the instructions here to update:

    Support questions

    While we’ve done our due diligence at testing the firmware internally, there may be bugs that we didn’t discover, particularly those that require long-term testing. If there are technical issues, please don’t freak out. You can post your comments and questions here, or submit a support ticket. In the worst case you can always downgrade to the previous firmware. All prior firmware files are still available in the archived folder.


    Alan Tschirner

    Good morning Ray,

    I have been very happy with version 2.1.3 since installing opensprinkler a number of years ago. I haven’t had a reason to upgrade until a recent inability to connect issue so I didn’t.

    Yesterday after studying all of your available material I took a deep breath and updated to using a Windows 10 laptop. The upgrade process was painless and worked first try except when I attempted to login there was no webpage. I was able to ping the controller and my router saw it. The LCD display showed the DHCP IP address. I tried a factory reset but still no webpage.

    I dropped back and uploaded 2.1.7 and the webpage was accessible. After importing my configuration file normal operation and schedules are restored. I will continue to monitor for connection issues but I am wondering where I went wrong with the attempt to upgrade to Do you have any insight of possible issues? Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you, Alan



    Alan, I’m running OSPi 2.1.9 it only works for me on Chrome and Microsoft’s new Chromium. You may need to delete all your cookies also in the browser to get it to come up.



    In our support website, we’ve added a Troubleshooting and Technical Help page:
    your question is under the paragraph of “I got a blank page when accessing the controller’s homepage”. Please check the suggestions there.

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    so just quick question i sub’d to root i wanted to see flow and i get back the following after running 2 stations:


    You see the flow topic listed a count and volume. why does the station say flow 0.00?



    i’ve had this error for a while since 2.1.7 … when I execute the debugger I get a

    response. Since it is truncated it seems like some sort of memory issue. I’ve reset multiple times. Would love to run a more viable debugger to help fix this as it is very frustrating.



    @Bigboat: the per-zone flow rate and the global flow count are implemented slightly differently. Specifically: because flow rate at the beginning of a zone run is often not stable, the firmware has a logic that only starts counting flow past the first 90 seconds:
    the total count and volume numbers reported do not have this logic. Since the zone runs in your case seem pretty short (120 seconds), it’s possible that in the last 30 seconds there just weren’t enough clicks to calculate a meaningful flow rate, resulting in 0.00 value reported.



    @Michael: {“fwm”:219} is not a truncated result — it is a complete json result. This is what the firmware returns if the HTTP API command you send does not contain device password or has the wrong device password.



    so is the password being corrupted, because on reboot the command works just fine and provides a complete debug output. I’m going to disable the password and see if this continues.



    @Ray thanks for the explanation. It makes sense. My concern comes from even after a full station run, which in the attached was 26m, the bottom of the screen still says flow 0.00. So I feel like something is amiss with the per station flow calculation.
    When there is truly no flow I actually don’t get a “Total Water Used:..” line in the log. Which is how i previously knew there was no flow.
    Unfortunately there is a neighborhood pump here that is frequently down.
    Luckily with the recent MQTT additions I’m now just checking the rough expected volume from subscribing to opensprinkler/sensor/flow and I’ll use that to send me an email if the main pump is down.
    But in the future I wouldn’t mind checking individual stations to see if there is a broken head but they always report 0.00 at the end.



    and just to clarify what i was hoping to do….
    I was thinking the flow per station was some sort of average. Starting 90secs into it is great. I was going to get that avg flow and the time the station ran and save the avg flow per minute. Doing this for each of my zones. Then in ea of my zones I was going to pop off a head and get new avg. Anytime I saw that difference per station run I was going to shoot off an email to me to check the heads. And the reason I was going for a 1 min avg (maybe will do 2min or 5min) is because station times will vary based on weather adj.

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