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I got the code and can compile it with debugging and load it successfully.
Now I an ready to try some debugging.

Here is my take on the situation:

The ENC28J60 is not interrupt driven. There is an interrupt pin #2 on the
connector but it is not connected to anything in the OS. It runs in polled

The OS continues to run normally, only the network interface is down. The
polling loop in main.cpp runs OK because the sprinkler programs continue
to run normally.

The interface does not respond to a ping. ICMP packets are handled in the
UIPEthernet driver, they never get into the OS code. There is no hardware
support for ICMP packets.

I suspect that the receive buffer fills and is not being cleared for some
reason. One possible reason is that the incoming packets over-run the
OS in the rate that can be digested. Another possible reason could be
could be some non-thread safe code.

I am going to put some debug messages into a new version and try to catch
the problem.

I went 7 days without a hang then had 2 in succession.

I have looked at the OLED debug messages for a number of these hang events and cannot
identify a root cause.

I would like to produce a new debug version and I will run it. I would like
to have some volunteers that have had these problems. The code will otherwise
be identical to Ray’s latest release.