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    I’ve been using OS for several years with no problems. Somewhat recently I started having problems with my 2.3AC controller crashing, and I would have to switch it off and back on to get it working again. After swapping power supplies, upgrading to the latest firmware, and switching my network connection to it, I finally decided the controller was fried, so I purchased a 3.2AC unit (running 2.1.9 (3) firmware) along with 2 replacement expansion units and the Ethernet module. Even with the new 3.2AC hardware I continue to have lockups (although the symptoms are a little different from the lockups I had with the 2.3AC hardware).

    When the 3.2AC controller will no longer connect to my iOS mobile app, I go to the controller and I typically see:

    1) the clock on the controller’s display is frozen at a time earlier in the day
    2) none of the 3 buttons on the controller do anything
    3) the Ethernet module’s internal red LED is still on, and the 2 LEDs on the RJ45 jack seem to reflect normal network activity
    4) the controller still responds to pings
    5) if the controller was in the middle of a zone watering, the zone gets stuck “on” when it crashes

    Power cycling the controller gets it running again. The crashes are somewhat infrequent (although it has crashed twice today) and seemingly random (I’ve seen it crash both during a manual watering cycle and when the unit is just sitting idle). I’m not currently running any automatic watering cycles because I’m worried about it locking up and leaving a zone running, so I’ve stuck to manually started zones.

    While trying to diagnose these problems I started running continuous pings to the controller (one every 2 seconds) so I could see if it stopped responding. I’ve found that even when the controller seems to be running fine, once in a while it will not respond to a ping, so when I look at my continuous ping logs I see a few ping timeouts each hour of the day. I’ve run continuous pings to other devices on the same switch as my OS controller, and they never experience timeouts, so I’m pretty sure it really is the OS controller that’s missing the pings a few times an hour. I don’t know if this is “normal” for the OS 3.2AC controller. Ray has been working with me to diagnose the problem, but so far we’re coming up blank.

    Is anyone else seeing that continuous pings to their controller result in a handful of timeouts every hour when the ping is running?

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OpenSprinkler Forums Hardware Questions OpenSprinkler Controller lockups / crashes