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I have produced a debug version of the code. It should operate no
differently than the official release. I have added some debug
information that will appear on a line above the standard display
and a line that will appear below the standard display.

The line above will contain 4 hex numbers. The first is the
flag field of the current packet being handled. This will
normally be zero.

The second, third and forth are counts of the packet count,
the ICMP packet count, and the TCP packet count. These are
only one byte counters so they roll over often. The ICMP
count will be 0 until you ping the OS.

Before you communicate with the OS the tol line will
display “client”. That means that no client has established
communications. Just point a web browser at the OS and
the debug counters will appear.

The bottom line will contain 4 numbers. These are state
indicators for the 4 levels of code involved in the network
communication using the ENC28J60 interface.

I will run this firmware on my system and watch for a hang.
If other people with the hang problem would like to help
that would be great.

If you get a hang I would like to get all the numbers.
Take a photo to save writing them down.
Generally a hang is indicated with a “Network error”
message at the bottom of the OS web page.

When you se that happens send me the numbers. Sometimes
I can ping the OS when it is hung but mostly ping will fail.
If you ping it the numbers may change. Please also send
the changed numbers.

Try to refresh the web page. The numbers may change, if
so then please send the changed numbers.

I have attached the debug version of the firmware.