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The corruption is transitory and only in the response messages. I think the corruption is just a symptom or byproduct of the issue I’m concerned about, that OS has a problem dealing with 2 clients talking to it at the same time.

The 16 byte overwrite is in the JSON response from OS but the underlying data in OS must still be correct because the responses will eventually return to being correct, even if OS has to be rebooted because of the hang.

I’ve been able to create the same ‘Network Error’ message in the apps and OS lockup using only the phone app and the web app. As with the previous lockup, OS had to be power cycled to bring it back.

Using the phone and web apps at the same time is just a way to reproduce the problem. I understand that would not be typical use, but I do need one of them to be able to run while my monitoring app runs.

The 16 byte overwrite is not limited to a specific field, like a program name. It occurs in each response message starting at character position 363 which means it will hit a variety of fields, including keywords. I thought that the overwrite being in the same place and the nature of the data pattern might help in understanding the underlying issue.