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I’ve discovered another issue with the “Activate Master?” option.

My hardware configuration is as follows:
o OpenSprinkler V2.0 hardware with a 2.0GB MicroSD card added.
o Firmware/Software Version is 2.09.
o There are three additional 8-channel zone expansion (clear case) connected to the OpenSprinkler V2.0 hardware.
o Of the 32 Zones that can be controlled, 28 are in use.
o Zone 1 is used to control a master valve.

The problem I encounter is that after turning off the, “Activate Master?”, option for unused zones 30->32 and clicking Submit, zones 22->24 have their “Activate Master?” option turned off and zones 30->32 are still activated.

This has obviously been detrimental to three areas of my yard. I should have tested before I let a week go by without watering…

Just speculating, but since the zones being un-linked to the master zone are eight-off from the zones selected, there may be a small zone pointer or expansion module pointer calculation error?