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Dan in CA


When you say it loads up to the GUI, do you mean you can log into the web interface over the network?

Are you using Samer’s mobile web app with the program?

You might check this post if you haven’t seen it.

If you have both the rc.local script and the init.d scripts installed, you should comment out the rc.local script.
If you are using the rc.local script, you can test if the program is running by issuing the command:
/etc/init.d/ospi status
EDIT: That should be if you are using the init.d script, you can use the status command.

Are you using port :8080 in the start up script? and adding the port to the URL when you try to access the program from the network?

Also, is your OSPi directory located as a sub directory of the Pi home directory? If it is located somewhere else you would need to modify the start up script to point to that path.