I got the native android ap going as well. Very nice.

The mobile web ap has some features the native ap does not have, correct? LIke the yahoo weather based rain delay setup and the ability to automatically shut off manual mode at midnight?

One thing I noticed with the MOBILE WEB AP:
I opened port 80 and 8080 on my router but I noticed the mobile web ap has trouble when I am outside my firewall. Is it using any other ports other than 80 and 8080? I can’t connect, like the port 80 is not open. Yet port 8080 is working fine.

I am also using dns masq so my domain resolves differently on my lan then on the wan. Could that be the problem?

No big deal just curious. This think is working great. So much fun to turn the sprinklers on from inside when my kids are in the back yard….