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Dan in CA

Hi Wayne,

An interesting idea!

There are some changes to taking place “under the hood” and a couple of them will probably help you accomplish what you want.

Jonathan Marsh has been reworking the native UI of the program and one of his innovations is a “status API” that allows easy access to what the program is doing. If you have a recent rev of the program, you can log in to the OSPi directory and issue “git checkout Web_Py_UI” to switch to his work-in-progress branch. Once you have the program running with the new UI, add /api/status to the URL of your system, you should see the output of the API.

Another change that is coming soon is the addition of nginx (engin x) server to the setup. It can support sending email messages.

Perhaps a combination of the two would give you the tools you need to make something work. Contributions to the project are always welcome and I will do what I can to help.