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Thanks for the reply, salbahra! I’m not sure I follow your explanation, but it’s okay – I simply wanted to make sure this graphic representation was intentional because the graph made me think my program had actually begun watering just after 11am instead of at 12:30pm … the graph simply confused me when both desktop and mobile versions showed the large gap that shouldn’t have been there.

I confirmed that all zones ran consecutively that day without the large gap in between (not the small gaps between each, the large gap between zone 3 and 4 in my attached image)

The problem isn’t with the small visual gap between zones, it’s the large gap that’s the problem – it even shows my zone 1-3 in the correct time slot flat down at zero, which made me think they really did run just after 11am instead of after noon…
Not sure if we were talking about the same ‘gap’ here… ?