Got my open sprinkler board today, had already had my raspberry pi up and running. Got everything set up easily, had my sprinkler valve on hand, connected all the wiring and parts and in no time, I was up and running. I tested out the self-test program, and the buttons via a browser and both worked great.

I would say that both worked great the first time, and while the self-test program did, the other one needed to be configured properly to run, as I have revision 2 of RPi and I had to change a setting in the program accordingly. After that change, all worked great.

I’ve been testing out toggling it on and off via my iphone on my home network, and my laptop, and of course the RPi and no issues have come up.

Looking forward to diving more into the google calendars option, and perhaps getting a wild hair and trying to write my own code to do different things, but just wanted to post my success story and say thanks to all who post great information and to Ray for setting this up. Finally have a good justification for getting an RPi :).