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@djagerif Okay I will check it out!

Okay, that is weird. The time in the log is supposed to be UTC. The time zone is then subtracted out. I will check tonight if this is being done correctly. Just to be sure, is the time showing up correctly in table view? That has been untouched for a while now so hopefully it is just the graph that is wrong.


Update: I just checked and I am using the exact same timestamp for graph and table view. I am adding the timezone into the timestamp so I believe everything should work correctly.

Update 2: @Zapp from what I can see the graph on your screenshot shows 4 not 3. I know it is on the left side of the 4 but that is because there are empty bars for each hour for the zones not hidden. Unhide everything but the 4 o’clock zones and you will see what I mean. This isn’t something I can fix just how flot works with a limited screen width.

Update 3: This is the reason I choose “None” as the default sort. I think the Hour, DOW and Month are useful sorting methods however can be a little confusing at first.