@jefe_de_estado wrote:

So far, everything is going great except that I can’t seem to access my pi from any other computer except the one wired to my router… I’ve put it in the DMZ, I’ve got ports forwarded and virtual servers… nothing… The Pi connects via wifi to the router using a reserved IP (not static)… I have tried pinging with several devices on my network and I get no response.

You don’t need port forwarding, DMZ, or virtual servers to access your pi from another device on your own network. Any IP address for the pi is fine so long as you know it. 😉 Let’s get ping working first–without it other network services won’t work anyway.

So help me understand some basics…

  • About the pi:

    • What model hardware is it?
    • What software distibution is running on it (e.g. Raspbian from NOOBS or the distribution provided by Rayshobby)?
    • Post the output of these four commands: netstat -i, netstat -nr, iwconfig, and hwinfo –netcard
  • About the computer that successfully connects to the pi using Yaler:

    • What operating system is it running?
    • What is its IP address?
    • Can it ping the pi’s IP address successfully?
    • I’m not familiar with Yaler. Does it give you the pi’s graphical desktop or a command line?
  • About the computer that is unable to ping the pi:

    • What operating system is it running?
    • What is its IP address?